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A squad of guardian angels

Montreal-North was hit hard by the pandemic and became in a few weeks the epicenter of the crisis. In order to curb the chain of transmission in the neighborhood while supporting essential workers, the Hoodstock Collective decided to act without any support from the governments. So we created the Hood’s Guardian Angels Squad. For several weeks, we have been crisscrossing the streets of Montreal-North to distribute health kits to citizens. Our objective is to offer moral and psychological support to residents affected by the pandemic. Thanks to the incredible solidarity of our volunteers and the donations received through our fundraising campaign, we can continue to help Montréal-Nord. We’re pursuing the fight against this virus which is still out there. We also have a fundraising campaign on La Ruche called: Protégeons Montréal-Nord ensemble (Let’s protect Montreal-North together).

Date: July 14 2020

Submitted by: Stéphanie G

Location: Montreal North, Quebec