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Vacation Turned Philanthropy Project

Jim Cooke and his family took a vacation to the Philippines on March 6th. Within a week of arrival, they were locked down for 98 days in some of the world’s toughest lockdown protocols. A curfew was put in place and only one person from each household was allowed to leave home to get groceries. They had to travel through multiple armed checkpoints to ensure compliance to the laws. To help stay connected, Jim joined the local Facebook page. There, he found a family begging for rice and milk for their children. They had no work and no food. Jim reached out to see how he could help. He bought them necessities and arranged for his friend Mark to deliver them. After sharing the photos and the story online, friends and family asked how they could help. The next week Jim had received enough money electronically to feed not only the same family, but 26 families in the neighbourhood! His friend Mark, along with a group of volunteer ‘captains’ would help distribute the food. Jim and his family returned to Vancouver on June 12th and have been sending money each week to Mark to continue these goodwill efforts.

Date: July 21 2020

Submitted by: Jim C

Location: Delta, BC